Friday, November 07, 2008

Why we don't allow reviews etc.

Three of the top reasons why we don't do ratings, reviews or allow you to post comments about restaurants on MenuSearch:

  1. What you like, I might hate. What you hate, I might love. Every one's taste buds are different. We go out to eat to EXPERIENCE new things. You will have good and bad experiences and it won't be the same for the next person walking into that restaurant. Be sure to share your experience with the proprietor. They'll appreciate the feedback on how they do!
  2. Who's to say your writing a review or rating as a competitor of a restaurant? Maybe they don't want you to eat in "their" restaurant.
  3. Who's to say the restaurant owner doesn't write their own reviews?

Many websites allow for input. We just want to put the information up for you to decide where to eat. Try new restaurants and visit your favorites. Either way, use MenuSearch as the resource it was intended.

If you want to suggest restaurants, drop us a line!

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